Geoboard Workshop

Want to help your child develop their fine motor skills and expand their creativity? Check out our Geoboard Workshop! Together with your child, create your very own geoboard to take home!
Why are geoboards so great?
-help develop fine motor skills important for every day tasks (like zipping zippers) and writing
-expand creativity as they create pictures and designs
-improve language skills as they discuss and talk about their creations
-develops cognitive skills as they problem solve to create their desired outcome
What’s included?
-1.5 hour workshop
-1 geoboard for every child registered (adult must attend as well)
-customizing of geoboards using a variety of art mediums
-materials and template to create geoboard
For only $10 you can create and decorate your very own geoboard!
**This workshop involves the use of nails and hammers in a safe environment. Children attending should be at least 2 years old. There will be alternative activities during the nailing portion for those that loose interest.**

Class Schedule