Child Development

Want to keep your child busy and active without the use of electronics? Curious to know which activities best support all 5 areas of development? Want to learn about each area and enhance your child’s play? Check out our child development class! Each week focuses on a different area of development, and explores several activities that are easy to set up at home that help mature that development area! Activities are great to do together with your child, or for them to do on their own so you can catch up on whatever you need!

What’s included?

-6 weekly 1 hour classes
-information about the 5 areas of development and the importance of developing the whole child
-weekly emails with more activities to continue the play at home
-personal journals to keep track of your progress throughout the course
-keepsake craft to remember your time together
-printouts and take home materials

These classes are ideal for mama, tot, and baby or just mama and tot. Activities will be presented for both child age groups, so you can keep both busy at home.

For only $100 you can discover activities to keep your child busy, and enhance their development at the same time!
Class Schedule