Tot and Me

Looking for something to do with your toddler between 2-5 years old? Check out our classes to see what we offer!

Geoboard Workshop

Want to help your child develop their fine motor skills and expand their creativity? Check out our Geoboard Workshop! Together with your child, create your very own geoboard to take home! Why are geoboards so great? -help develop fine motor skills important for every day tasks (like zipping zippers) and writing -expand creativity as they … Continue reading Geoboard Workshop

Wiggly Tots (10 months+)

Together with your child explore their world through messy play, sign, and developmentally appropriate activities. Each week we will have activities that focus on a particular child development area; fine motor, gross motor, language, social and emotional, and cognitive. We will start the class with a dough activity, and end in messy play with a … Continue reading Wiggly Tots (10 months+)

Screen Free Workshop

Finding your child is watching too much t.v lately? Need some new ideas to keep them busy without the use of electronics? Want to promote their development at the same time? Check out our Screen Free Workshop! What’s included? -1.5 hour workshop -exploration of 5+ activities that are easily set up at home, and promote … Continue reading Screen Free Workshop