Tot and Me

Looking for something to do with your toddler between 2-5 years old? Check out our classes to see what we offer!

Preschool Craft and Sign

These classes are a great opportunity to spend some time with your preschooler without the commitment of a long term class! Each class is roughly 1 hour long, with a different theme each class. During each class we will have a craft, story, activities, and learn 10+ signs relevant to the class theme. Only $5 … Continue reading Preschool Craft and Sign

Child Development

Want to keep your child busy and active without the use of electronics? Curious to know which activities best support all 5 areas of development? Want to learn about each area and enhance your child’s play? Check out our child development class! Each week focuses on a different area of development, and explores several activities … Continue reading Child Development

Screen Free Workshop

Finding your child is watching too much t.v lately? Need some new ideas to keep them busy without the use of electronics? Want to promote their development at the same time? Check out our Screen Free Workshop! What’s included? -1.5 hour workshop -exploration of 5+ activities that are easily set up at home, and promote … Continue reading Screen Free Workshop