Marbles, Wrapping Paper Tubes, and Duplo Blocks

This week we have been busy wrapping up the Christmas presents. Of course, we’ve gone through a roll or two of wrapping paper! Remember as a kid using them as swords, and hitting your siblings until one of you started crying, or your mum told you to knock it off? Our kids enjoyed making thoseContinue reading “Marbles, Wrapping Paper Tubes, and Duplo Blocks”

Why Baby Sign?

As a mama of a Deaf child, I know that signing is critical for her to succeed. But I also know from experience that it is super beneficial for children without a hearing loss. With an educational background in Early Childhood, I know the benefits early communication has for successful child development as whole. BetweenContinue reading “Why Baby Sign?”

Blocks, Blocks, and More Blocks!

Blocks really are one of the GREATEST things created! I love the open ended possibilities that they present, and the hours of learning that they create! A recently found favourite around here are foam blocks! I picked these cool little guys up from the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and we have had lotsContinue reading “Blocks, Blocks, and More Blocks!”