Understanding Your Child With Positive Discipline Workshop

Would you like to:

-Discipline with kindness and firmness?
-Reduce power struggles?
-Encourage personal responsibility?
-Find more joy in parenting?

Positive Discipline focuses on developing a relationship with your child based on respect for both parties. It emphasis’s being KIND and FIRM at the same time. Positive Discipline is neither punitive or permissive, and promotes increased skills and love within the family.

5 Criteria for Positive Discipline:

  • Being KIND and FIRM. (Encouraging and respectful)
  • Helps children feel a sense of BELONGING and SIGNIFICANCE. (Connection)
  • Effective LONG TERM. (Punishment is only effect short term, and has negative long term results)
  • Teaches SOCIAL and LIFE SKILLS. (Cooperation, problem solving skills, respect, accountability, and concern for others)
  • Helps children discover that they are CAPABLE, and to use their personal power in constructive ways.

What’s included?
-1 day 6 hour intensive course
-Positive Discipline Workbook
-6 months of weekly emails to check in with progress, and difficulties

For only $100, you can get an edge on parenting! Spouses are welcome to join at no extra cost!

Class Schedule