Personal Parenting Coach

Let us help you find JOY in your parenting journey with Personal Parenting Coaching! We’ll meet with you as often as needed to discuss struggles, while providing insight and tools from a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Education. Meetings can occur in person, or online, whichever is convenient for you!

First session is FREE!

Each session is half hour, where we will discuss:
-struggles with your children
-provide tools and insight that align with Positive Discipline Parenting beliefs
-follow up support to see progress and discuss further

Meetings can take place in person or online, whichever is convenient for you!


What is Positive Discipline Parenting?

  • Being KIND and FIRM. (Encouraging and respectful)
  • Helps children feel a sense of BELONGING and SIGNIFICANCE. (Connection)
  • Effective LONG TERM. (Punishment is only effect short term, and has negative long term results)
  • Teaches SOCIAL and LIFE SKILLS. (Cooperation, problem solving skills, respect, accountability, and concern for others)
  • Helps children discover that they are CAPABLE, and to use their personal power in constructive ways.

For only $15 a session, you can find JOY in your parenting journey!