Mealtimes with Baby Sign Webinar

Babies know what they want, but can’t always tell us what it is! Ease the frustrations of mealtimes with our “Mealtimes with Baby Sign Webinar”!

Learn some key signs to help with mealtime (approx. 20 signs), how to easily implement them into your routines, and some fun activities to do with baby to help solidify the concepts all from the comfort of your home!

After this one hour webinar you will feel confident in your ability to communicate with your little one, making mealtimes a breeze!

Our “Mealtimes with Baby Sign Webinar” includes:

– an easy to follow worksheet to help with note taking for later review
– how to teach baby sign
– receptive vs expression language
– sign modifications based on child development
– role of peripheral vision with baby sign
– 20+ mealtime related signs to effectively communicate with your child
– fun activities to help baby learn the concepts outside of mealtimes


– Follow up one on one support emails for 3 months following the webinar
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This 1 hour webinar can be purchased for the low price of $15!

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