Bringing Home Baby: Transitioning Your Tot E-Course

Hey Mama


I see your hesitation about bringing home a newborn while juggling your tot.

I see you soaking in that newborn of yours while struggling with the transition to two.

I see you wishing you had more time, patience, and understanding for both of your babes.

I see you questioning if the transition to two gets easier.

I see you, I’ve been you, and I can help you.

Our brand new “Bringing Home Baby: Transitioning Your Tot E-Course” includes:
-How to prepare your tot for baby
-How to keep that connection with your tot when baby comes
-How to recover from mistakes
-Simple activities to engage your tot while your busy with baby
-And MORE!

Together, let’s find JOY in parenting!

What’s included?
-1 hour pre-recorded webinar
-Access to our exclusive “Stay’nPlay Parenting Families” Private Facebook Group where all Stay’n’Play Parenting families can connect to discuss techniques, support, and more!
-15% off future classes with Stay’n’Play Parenting
-15% off all products

For only $15 you can make the transition smoother for everyone!