We get it, parenting is hard!

But don’t worry, we’ve got a few classes and E-Courses to help you navigate your parenting journey a little easier.

Understanding Your Child with Positive Discipline Webinar Series or E-Course

Positive Discipline focuses on developing a relationship with your child based on respect for both parties. It emphasis’s being KIND and FIRM at the same time. Positive Discipline is neither punitive or permissive, and promotes increased skills and love within the family.

Potty Time Webinar or E-Course

Interested in potty training your child, but not sure where to start? This course is perfect for those that are thinking of potty training but are hesitant to get the process going! We’ll share some tips and tricks to knowing the signs that your child may be ready to potty train, as well as discuss different methods, ways to motivate them, and more!

Bringing Home Baby: Transitioning Your Tot E-Course

Adding another baby to the family is a big decision! How do I manage my time between my toddler, my baby and my spouse? What can I do to ease the transition? What do I do when the mom rage comes? And all those questions mamas have with the second baby are answered in our e-course!