Welcome to Stay’n’Play Parenting Network! Our mission is to help parents find JOY in their parenting journey by improving parent-child relationships through parent education. Some classes are parent(s) and me, where both parent and child learn alongside each other. Other classes are specifically focused on giving insight to parents on how to navigate their unique parenting journey.

Stay’n’Play Parenting is owned and operated by Jessica Tiefenbach. She is a mother to three children, her eldest was born in 2012, her second was born in 2015, and her third was born in 2018. In 2016, Jessica completed her Early Childhood Education through SIAST distance classes, which allowed her to stay home, raise a family, and operate her previous preschool business. She is also a Baby Sign Language Instructor, and a Positive Discipline Educator.

In addition to working towards her ECE II, Jessica has also been learning American Sign Language. In April 2014, Jessica and her husband discovered that their daughter was Deaf. To communicate with her daughter, Jessica has been learning ASL through various methods, including night classes put on by Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. She has grown to love Deaf Culture and the uniqueness of it, and is excited to share her knowledge of ASL to ease parent frustrations. She has seen the world of difference early communication can give to a child, and strives to help other parents discover this essential parenting tool! She is an advocate for Newborn Hearing Screening, and Deaf children working diligently in spreading awareness, and informing other parents of additional resources to help their Deaf or Hard of Hearing child succeed.

Jessica understands that parenting requires a sense of humour, and loves to share stories of her own parenting journey. She also understands the frustrations that parents have with parenting, and hopes the classes offered helps make parenting a little bit easier. Her hope is that parents will find joy in their parenting journey, and enjoy the little mishaps that happen along the way. She understands that no one is perfect, and sees each day as an opportunity to be better than the day before.

In her spare time (however little that may be), Jessica enjoys playing flute in a local community band, DIY projects, and listening to the contagious giggles of her children.


All of our classes are at Hive Wellness Studio located at 1810 9th Ave North, Regina.