“Not Today, Another Day!”

Imagine, you’re walking through the grocery store and your 3 year old sees the latest Paw Patrol toy. They insist that they need to buy it. You tell them no, cue the tears. They scream, they cry, and everyone looks at you. As you hurry through the store to finish, you think “there has toContinue reading ““Not Today, Another Day!””

Meet Em!

In honour of #betterspeechandhearing month, I wanted to share the story behind the passion for improved access to resources for children that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and the advocacy for better hearing health; our Em. Our sweet Em was born in December 2012. When Em reached about 10 months we started to haveContinue reading “Meet Em!”

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

This week in our Baby Signing Time Class we learned about Seasons and Weather, and I couldn’t help but think back to my preschool teaching days and the fun experiments we would do learning about the seasons and weather. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds, is probably one of my most FAVOURITE activities I did while teachingContinue reading “Shaving Cream Rain Clouds”