Baby Signing Time

Imagine being able to communicate with your baby BEFORE they can talk! Your little one is naturally primed with the desire to communicate with you, so why not ease the frustrations with our Baby Signing Time classes??

Our classes are PERFECT for parents who want to:

-COMMUNICATE with their child before they can talk
-REDUCE frustrations
-become CONFIDENT as a parent
-CONNECT with their child
-IMPROVE bedtime and eating routines
-watch and giggle as their child EXPLORES new experiences
-MEET other parents
-find JOY in their parenting journey

There are 2 unique sessions, that will allow you to take this program again! These are shown in the colours purple and blue. You can start with either colour, and be assured that each class will be filled with fun, playful, educational activities.

What’s included in a Baby Signing Time class?

-7 weekly 45 minute classes
-Swag Bag of Baby Signing Time Flash Cards, Parent Manual, discount codes for future classes, discount code for Digital Products, Friendship Pass, coupons from other businesses, information on hearing health, a gift for baby, and a sweet treat for parents!
-Tips and tricks to help make parenting a little easier
-Access to our Private Facebook Group to connect with other parents
-Keepsake craft to remember your time together
-Weekly emails with activities to do at home
-Graduation Certificate
-Learn 90+ signs to communicate with your little one
-Lots of surprises during our time together!

For only $115 inclusive you can get a head-start on parenting!

If you have an older child under 5, they are welcome to join at no extra cost! Spouse have the day off? Bring them too! Our classes are 100% family oriented!

Class Schedule

Unable to take a class, but still want to learn to communicate with your baby earlier? We’re an affiliate with Signing Time! Check out our online Signing Time Shop here and get access to all their products!