Baby and Me

Looking for something to do with your little one under 2? Want to give them a head start on development? Check out our classes to find out what we offer!


Beyond Baby Signing Time

Beyond Baby Signing Time is for those that have completed the Baby Signing Time Class, and want to expand their signing vocabulary more. Babies 0-2 and their caregivers will learn signs for sleep routine, things outside, day and night, opposites and toy box items through music, movement, messy play, and more! Benefits of Signing: -COMMUNICATE … Continue reading Beyond Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time focuses on learning how to teach Baby Sign Language to your baby, and developing parent and baby bond as you learn to sign together. Signs are taught through music, movement, and play. Fun for both parent and baby! Learn signs for food, manners, things that go, clothing, family, pets, and diapering terms. … Continue reading Baby Signing Time