Yes, Please Touch My Baby

There have been a lot of negativity about strangers touching their babies. I get it, we don’t want people touching our babies for health reasons, especially when they are little. A common cold for us, can be terrible for a newborn. Or they may be medically complex and can have serious side effects from minor germs.But, once babies grow a little more their immune system toughens up. Especially once they get mobile. We find them in all sorts of places and they eat so much junk off the floor, it’s hard to keep track of!WP_000417So once my babies get to be around 6 months, I’m not so uptight about a stranger oodling over them and here’s why:Those sweet little old ladies at the store are past their baby rearing days. And you know what? I bet they miss it! They probably have grand babies that are small, but don’t get to see often. They crave the babies.Most are mamas too, just in a different phase then us. That small interaction with your baby, might be the highlight of their day. They might go to coffee with their friends and talk about that cute baby in the store and reminisce in their baby rearing days. Or they may go home and call their children to speak to their grand children.600-00983802I know that when I reach their golden age, I will probably be like them; longing for the sweet days of babies. And I’ll probably be one of those old ladies that plays with the baby in the line up, or tickles their toes. Heck, I do it now.

I hope that when I get old enough to have my kids grown and out of the house with babies on their own, I can reminisce about their littleness after interacting with a baby in the store. Or at the mall. Or in the park.

So yes, please touch my baby. Tickle their toes. Tickle their arms. Play peek a boo. For I believe in karma and hope someone will return the favour when I am your age.

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