You Don’t Know

Kindness begins with us. When we feel the need to criticize and attack others, we are only doing so based on a glimpse of what we see in that particular moment, on that particular day. There is so much more that could be happening to them then what meets the eye.

I often reflect on past experiences when Em was little. The tantrums in the store, the close eyed star fishes in the parking lots, screaming for what seemed like hours, the head banging, it all.

Being a mama is hard! Being a mama of a young child trying so hard to communicate is hard! We question, we Google, we search for help where ever we can find it. Sometimes we find answers, sometimes we don’t. So we just continue until we do.

But you know what’s even harder? The uncalled for, rude remarks from passer-bys. People that only have a glimpse of the life we live.

I will never forget this particular time:

At this time Em was almost 3, and Mr. L was about 9 months. My hubby was away for work, so I went out to my mum’s for some needed support. Neither had slept well the night we arrived, but we decided to go to Walmart the next day anyways. I had taken Em to go grab something while Mr. L stayed with my mum when this experience happened. I remember trying so hard to keep it together afterwards (I hate crying in public and will use all my energy not to), and then bawling to my mum once we were in the van.

“How did you do it?” She had raised 4 kids, and my dad was often out of town working. “Did you ever doubt being a mom?” “I don’t know if I can do this. It’s so hard.”

Motherhood is hard enough without rude comments from people who have no clue what is going on. Instead of offering criticism, offer help. Help make the world a kinder place.

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