Benefits of Signing

Signing with your little one is full of endless benefits! Let me share with you the 4 top reasons to sign with your baby:

Communicate with your child sooner!

Children can begin signing intentionally between 6-11 months, whereas children are typically around 12 months when they say their first word.

Benefits of Baby Sign.jpg

Promote Development!

80% of a child’s brain growth occurs before 3 years old. Offering your child a variety of experiences can promote and enhance their development.


Parents who sign…

-feel less stress
-have a deeper bond with their baby
-respond easier when their child is upset


Communication Does Not Delay Communication!

Babies naturally use gestures and pointing to communicate, these gestures do not delay their speech! They speak when they are ready. Similarly, a signing child will speak when they are developmentally ready! But their access to communication for expressing their needs and wants will occur much sooner with signing.


Be sure to register for one of our upcoming classes, and see the benefits for yourself!

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