Surviving the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it?

Cranky children, parties, cranky children, present shopping, present wrapping, meals on the go, late nights, traveling, did I mention cranky children? You get it!

It’s a busy time of year! Likewise, it can cause a LOT of stress, not just for you but your children too. The need to ALWAYS be good because Santa is watching, can stress out a little one. Add the mix of all the wonderful festivities the holidays offer, and its a concoction for a meltdown (and not just for them). In our house, our eldest also has a December birthday, so December is often the WORST month for behavior from her.

But, we can survive it! Get through it! Maybe even conquer all that the holidays throw at us.

girl eating cupcake while sitting beside woman in blue denim distressed jeans

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  1. Stay connected to your children. We openly talk about mistakes in our house, and stress that they are opportunities to learn and improve. When our children become overwhelmed with the festivities of the holidays, and have a tantrum we always reconnect with them to let them know it’s okay, they are learning. We discuss how we can do better next time, and re-iterate the love we have for them.
  2. Flexibility is key! You’ve hyped up the visit to Santa, dressed them up in their Christmas sweaters, arrive, and now they want nothing to do with him! It happens! Relax. Breathe. Encourage the best you can, and if they still decide against getting on his knee for that picture respect their decision. You can always try another day, or even snap a pic at home in their Christmas sweater to use for those social media posts. Baby spit up on your party dress? Wash it out the best you can, and roll with it.
  3. Don’t be the Energizer Bunny. Take time for yourself and rejuvenate. Eat a good meal, have a nap, go out with friends, do whatever you need to do to keep going. Say no to the activities that are too overwhelming. Prioritize your to-do list. Be clear in your boundaries (“I need to go at 9.”) Don’t let the festivities and chaos of the season burn you out.

Accept the chaos that comes with holidays and children, for that’s when we find the perfect moments.

Merry Christmas!

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