Yes! Your Children Can Clean Their Room!

I’ve heard from countless parents “my kids wont clean their rooms!” Or something along those lines.

I get it! Teaching our children new skills can be hard. But, with patience and consistency, our children can learn how to be independent and can even help around the house!

My 2 oldest share a room, so of course it gets messy. It is probably one of the messiest rooms in the house. It tends to be one of those rooms we just close the door on and ignore until the weekend.

And when it comes time for them to clean up, of course they complain. “I’m too tired to clean up.” Or “I don’t like cleaning up.” I’m sure you’ve heard the same.

Now I could just say fine, and do it myself. But would that really teach them anything? Of course not!

Sometimes when children are asked to do a big task, like cleaning their room, they are overwhelmed with the amount of things to do. But, when we break them down into sub topics it’s a bit more manageable. “Its time to clean your room. Let’s start by picking up all your dirty clothes.” “Great! All the laundry is picked up, let’s put away the books next.”

Breaking it into steps makes the task much more manageable and appealing. Also, be sure to let them know that they are doing a great job each time you switch the task.

I also set my expectations for time to complete it realistic. I know expecting them to clean their room, on their own in 15 minutes is unrealistic. If I help and become Drill Sargent Mom, it probably can be done. 45 minutes is much reasonable, as they often rediscover toys and take mini breaks playing with them.

I also set realistic expectations of how clean they need to make their room. Are they going to see every little piece of ripped up paper on the floor? Probably not. As long as they get the majority of it clean, that’s good enough for me. I often go in afterwards and pick up the little things they missed.

The first few times, your child will need you to show them. Get on the floor, talk about what’s to be done, and do it alongside your children. But with practice and taking time to teach, your child will be able to clean their room with minimal help.

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