Growing a Love For Books

My kids LOVE books! They have loved books from a young age. We have always fostered their curiosity towards books, and encouraged reading whenever we can. You’ll find bookshelves with books in almost every room in our house, and sometimes even in places where they shouldn’t be.

Many parents say they struggle with getting their child to love books. I’ve got 3 easy tips to help!

1) Make books accessible. We have never put childrens books out of reach. Our kids have always had access to books whenever they want. Some parents prefer to keep them out of reach to prevent them from being wrecked or made a mess. But, taking them out of reach prevents children from learning how to appropriately interact and use books.

2) Make books apart of your routine. Every night before bed, we read together. Even if our day has been awful, we still read a book (even just a short one). It is often the highlight of their day.

3) Make time for books. There’s a lot to get done in a day, I get that! But, my kids know that if they bring mommy a book, everything stops, and we read a book (or two or three). These are great times to read aside from bedtime when as a parent, I am a little more engaging and less “I want you to go to bed”.

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