The Fall of the Village

I’ve really been noticing lately the lack of a village.

African village

We as a society have become a bit self-centered. There’s been a lot of talk about the importance of self-care, which I agree 100%. We need to be able to take opportunities to take care of ourselves so that we can be better for others. I often try to take time for myself, so that I can be better.

But there has to be a balance between finding that time for self-care, taking care of our families, and helping those that are struggling.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the posts in our various mom groups: “Today was a hard day.” or “Is it bedtime yet??”

woman working girl sitting

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Those are invitations for us to expand our village, but how often do we take them?

Sometimes we might be too busy. We have lives of our own and that’s understandable. We have our own demands that need our attention. There’s the kids, our husbands, the house, work, the list goes on and on. But is there a chance we can put something aside for just a little while to help someone else?

There might be times where we are just not up to it. That’s important to recognize too! But are we “just not up for it” more often than we should be? Are we missing out on these opportunities to expand our village because we are so focused on how we feel too much of the time?

Again, I can’t express enough the importance of self-care, and knowing your own limitations. But at what point does our focus on self-care become a focus of being self-centred? How many times do we miss out on opportunities to expand our village because we aren’t willing to push past whatever is stopping us occasionally?

man taking mirror shot

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I know there are times where I am in a rut and I feel “just not up for it”. And those are the days pushing past that “just not up for it” feeling turn out to be a great opportunity to do something for somebody else. In return it helps me be able to create relationships with people that I never would have had a relationship with otherwise.

Take an opportunity to reach out to those that may be struggling even if you’re “just not up for it”. Doesn’t have to be every time. You know your limitations. Doesn’t have to be something big, it can be something as simple as smiling to a mother in the grocery store who has a child having a hard time. It can be going out of your way to talk to somebody in the grocery line.

Help build their village and in return you build your own.

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