Why Baby Sign?

As a mama of a Deaf child, I know that signing is critical for her to succeed. But I also know from experience that it is super beneficial for children without a hearing loss. With an educational background in Early Childhood, I know the benefits early communication has for successful child development as whole.

  1. Between birth to age 3, children are developing at a rapid rate. Research has shown that by 3 years old, 80% of a child’s brain is developed, making it crucial for children to be supported in developing as a whole.
  2. Communication delays can lead to cognitive delays. When children are unable to communicate their basic needs and wants, it can cause many behavioural habits that are difficult to change once communication is established. Signing can reduce frustrations and tantrums because children are able to communicate their needs and wants with their caregivers.
  3. As a parent, it increases your confidence! There is a huge self esteem boost when we are able to understand what our children need or want without playing a guessing game and having a tantrum. It allows us to be more relaxed, and respond to our children with more empathy.
  4. Signing can increase the bond you have with your baby. It helps you focus on your baby as you teach them and interact with them, as well as continues to build trust once baby starts signing back.
  5. Signing can increase verbal communication. Many children who learn sign language, become avid talkers well before their non-signing peers.



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