Blocks, Blocks, and More Blocks!

Blocks really are one of the GREATEST things created! I love the open ended possibilities that they present, and the hours of learning that they create! A recently found favourite around here are foam blocks! I picked these cool little guys up from the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and we have had lots of fun testing them out and seeing what we can do with them!

First, we built with them on mirrors. Mirrors are a great resource in any play! They add dimension, and the children enjoy looking at themselves as they build which helps with their self concept. We made patterns, shapes, castles, all sorts of fun things!

Emily Mirror

Next, we built regular towers. Building towers are a great way for children to work on their spacial relations as they figure out how to best put on the new blocks to prevent the old ones from falling down. It also helps them work on hand eye coordination as they gently and steadily try to place the new block on top. We tried to see how high we could build them! But being that they are pretty small, and are pretty light, it was bit tricky! The higher we got, the harder it was to continue!

Logan blocks2

With the foam blocks being so light, we discovered that we could blow over our towers or even just blow them around on the floor individually. Blowing is an important part of development as it helps strengthen their mouth to make mouth-shapes needed for speech. It also helps them to be conscious of their breath, as they take in a big gust of air and focus it to knock over the tower!

Logan Blocks


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