Snow Sensory Play

Sensory play is probably my most favourite activity to set up for kiddos. They’re always intrigued, engaged, and learning with a sensory experience. They really are a great activity for overall development!

Sometimes we feel our sensory experiences need to be elaborate. Or they need to be “pinteresty” enough for our kids to truly enjoy them. Wrong! Kids will be excited with pretty much whatever sensory experience we provide, regardless if it’s pinteresty or not!

All you need for a sensory experience is a big(ish) container and whatever you decide for the sensory experience! I’ve used small shoebox sized storage containers, as well as big shallow containers. Whatever you choose, just be mindful that it may spill out if your child leans on one side. Which really just adds to the sensory experience!

One of my favourite sensory experiences to do in the winter is snow play! A couple of reasons why I love it:

1) Children learn about cause and effect. “If I hold the snow too long it starts to melt.”

2) Children have the opportunity to explore imaginative play. They may add items to the snow such as animals, cars, buttons, blocks, or whatever they want to enhance their play.

3) There are several ways to enhance their play that don’t break the bank; scooping materials, and food coloured ice cubes are just a couple favourites I love. I will warn though, food colouring stains hands, clothes, and carpets (I’ve learned the hard way!) So if you opt for ice cubes, be weary of what your child wears, and where they’re playing!

4) It’s great for any age! Em loves it just as much now at 5, as she did at 1 year. L is the same. As long as they are able to sit up, they can play with snow!

So get outside, grab some snow, and start playing!

Em was my fantastic helper showing how to sign snow! Start with your hands up high, and slowly bring them down while your fingers wiggle.

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